Nordic Testing Days 2014 – Day Two

The second conference day started with a Lean Coffee session. The discussed topics included – How do you report/measure exploratory testing?, At what point do you accept context and don’t try to improve it?, What the future will bring to testing?. Two notes for myself: Immediately after the conference you might have a decline in performance, the increase can happen later; Are shiny eyes and being inspired enough of a reason for a company to fund going to conferences?.

The first track of the day was by Rikard Edgren “Good Testers Are Often Lucky – Using Serendipity in Software Testing”. Notes from the track:

  • Serendipity – finding something valuable, when looking for something else
  • Create opportunities for good luck
  • Background Complexity heuristics
  • Do One More Thing heuristics
  • Notepad heuristics
  • Galumphing
  • Apply diverse half-measures. Lesson 283 from “Lessons Learned in Software Testing”

The first track after the lunch was by Erik Boelen “Mobile Test Strategy Made Successful”. One recommendation we want to try at work is creating a generic list of test cases applicable to ‘each’ mobile application. Two nice notes for me to remember:

  • Before you act, LISTEN!
  • Before you react, THINK!

The last track of the day was by Pete Walen – Test Leadership Lessons. Some notes from there:

  • Leadership != Management
  • Good testing isn’t magic, it just looks like it
  • Sometimes the cool technical solution is not the right one.

Then it was time to catch the train back home. Two conferences in two weeks was quite intense. I got to talk to a lot of interesting people. Changes to come from the learnings I cannot yet fully predict.


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